Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Walgreens testing Soft Serve or food court.

When you’re ready-2-eat your next sweet treat you may just be stopping by one of the 459+ Walgreens CafeW’s for a frozen yogurt. Duane Reade aka Walgreens in NYC began testing a new frozen yogurt bar.  Now at the 52nd and Broadway location you can find a: slurpee-esque Freezee station, its Good & Delish oatmeal station, self-serve juice/smoothie offerings and the Sushi Station for fresh custom ordered sushi and frozen yogurt.  That sounds  like a food court to me.
The Yogurt bar is called the “Fro-Yo Bar will include the following flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Original Tart, Blueberry Tart, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Coffee and Peach. Toppings will include various candies, fresh fruit, cereals and Ghirardelli sauces.”
I like what Walgreens is doing.  They carry both fresh ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat prepared food.  I think that the addition of frozen yogurt is a perfect complement to cafeW’s all around the country.  If you’re in the store waiting for a prescription to be filled a cup of coffee or a frozen yogurt is a perfect way to pass the time.  Walgreens is going to be a large player in the ready-2-eat, heat-N-eat grocerant niche.
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