Senin, 02 Januari 2012

McDonalds heating up Denmark

It not so cold this year in Denmark now that McDonalds is heating it up with a little spice.  Customers of the Denmark McDonald’s will be the first to try their new Big Hot Jalapeno Burger or Chicken Jalapeno Burger. Made with sliced chiles, the new additions to McDonald’s menu will hopefully signal an openness to add more spiciness to the menu.
With a brand as large as the Golden Arches, it’s always a hard to find somewhere test a new item.  Let’s face it McDonalds has a focused yet bland menu.  With a global audience it is hard sell to bring in an item with any exemplary amount of “heat” for fear of alienating their customer base. We’ve seen a few LTO’S that were spicy here in the States.  I’m guessing that if it fly’s well here it will roll out on a globally. 
When the world is ready-2-eat McDonalds is there!  Jalapeno Burger Lovin it!
Here is the YouTube line to the TV commercial running with the promo:

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